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Work to commence on Newtown Road


Resurfacing work is to get under way at Newtown Road

Resurfacing work is to get under way at Newtown Road

Resurfacing work is to get under way at Newtown Road

While long awaited resurfacing work at Ardcavan is due to come to a full conclusion on Friday after just over two weeks, more long awaited work is to get under way at another busy artery into town this Wednesday (17th).

The road surface on the Newtown Road has long been a bugbear of motorists and it was confirmed that work is to get under way tomorrow (Wednesday) and will last approximately two weeks. Inevitably, this will mean some fairly significant delays as a stop-go system will be in place while the duration of the work is carried out.

Local independent councillor Leonard Kelly says that it's a really positive development for the area.

'I think it's very positive,' he said. 'This particular stretch of road has had a lot of work and was in bad need of upgrading.'

The roadworks in Ardcavan saw significant tailbacks recently with local businesses reporting a noticeable drop in footfall as a result. With further delays now a certainty at Newtown Road, some people have begun to question the wisdom of carrying out these works at this time of year in what is peak tourism season.

However, Cllr Kelly has defended the decision, saying it's as good a time as any.

'If you look at the work in Ardcavan, even though I know a lot of people were annoyed with the delays there, it shows that the work can be carried out in a timely manner,' he said.

'If the work at Newtown Road follows a similar schedule, I'm told it should be finished within two weeks.'

In relation to the time of year, he said: 'It's probably a trade off with getting it done while the weather is fine to avoid any other delays. I think it's important to get it done as quick as possible and while the schools are off is probably the best time to minimise disruption.'

Meanwhile, Mayor George Lawlor confirmed that the contract to provide street lighting on Newtown Road has gone to tender and the combined cost of the resurfacing and lighting works will be €384,000.

'I'm delighted to see this work commencing after much lobbying,' he said.

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