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Woman demanding apology from HSE and Wexford Hospital after operation


Nichola Malone.

Nichola Malone.

Nichola Malone.

A WEXFORD woman is to ask the HSE and Wexford General Hospital for 'a formal apology' after she says she was sent home from the Accident and Emergency Department in agony on four separate occasions before she refused to leave the hospital until she was operated on.

'Right now I'm recovering from my surgery and have staples in my abdomen,' said mother-of-two Nichola Malone, from Meadowvale.

Nichola, aged 33, said she had been 'fobbed off with antibiotics' by staff at the A and E who said that nothing untoward had shown up in her bloods and any other samples taken during tests during her visits to Wexford Hospital.

'They wanted to send me home again, but I refused to leave.'

Nichola said was offered a colonoscopy, but was told it would probably not reveal the cause of her pain.

'I insisted on a laparoscopy which showed I had adhesions to my kidneys and bowel,' she told this newspaper.

'They said it was no wonder that I had been in so much pain. I will be seeking a formal apology from the hospital,' she said.

The HSE said that while it cannot comment on individual cases, the staff and management at Wexford General Hospital take the treatment and care of its patients very seriously.

'We encourage all patients who have a concern or a complaint about their care or the care of a family member to follow our complaints process and where a full investigation can be properly undertaken,' said a spokesperson for the HSE.

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