Tuesday 12 December 2017

While others fled, she stopped the bleeding with coat

RELUCTANT hero Yvonne Donovan said she told no-one except her mother about her brave deed and few people in the town knew of her role in saving the stabbing victim's life.

'People were running screaming from him,' said the 29 year old speaking publicly for the first time about events on that summer night in June, 2001.

'He was pretty badly hurt, I just tried to stop the bleeding with my coat,' said Yvonne, who at the time was a teenager doing her Leaving Cert at the Wexford Vocational College.

The daughter of Damien and Marian Donovan of Walnut Grove, Yvonne said she couldn't recall why she had gone to the man's aid as he was bleeding to death in the Cornmarket when others were fleeing in horror, adding that it was probably a knee jerk reaction.

She couldn't recall how long she helped the man saying that it 'felt like forever'.

After some time an ambulance arrived, the crew taking over the job of keeping the man alive.

The gardai took away Yvonne's blood-soaked coat for evidence in the subsequent trial of the attacker.

She said she had never met the man she saved, although her mam was now working with his aunt and he had a wife and child.

She said he had expressed his thanks to her through her mam.

Yvonne said she was 'meant to get' the bravery award in 2006 but due to what she termed an 'oversight' this did not happen.

'I just carried on my studies at university and forgot about it,' said Yvonne, who works as a community development worker at the South End Family Resource Centre.

Yvonne said she felt 'a bit embarrassed' about getting the bravery award.

'I wasn't telling anyone, just my mam, it will come as a surprise to my friends,' said Yvonne who has two brothers and a sister.

'I don't know who put me forward. I never said anything to anyone,' she said.

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