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Wexford man gets €100 hospital clamp fee refunded


Last week's Wexford People front page.

Last week's Wexford People front page.

Last week's Wexford People front page.

A MAN whose car was clamped while he was conforting his seriously ill father outside Wexford General Hospital has been given a full refund of the €100 release fee 'as gesture of goodwill'.

Paul Sinnott, from Killag, Duncormick, had rushed to the hospital after hearing his father had been diagnosed with cancer in his lungs, liver and chest and parked in the set down area while he attended to his mother, who was in tears, and his distraught father who was lying 'on a heap on the grass at the car park'.

Paul said that when he returned to his car about half an hour later he found it had been clamped, but was told by NCPS on the phone that he had no option but to pay the release fee, which he paid to the car parking company when they came to release his car from the clamp.

NCPS said that even though the driver was illegally parked - which Paul does not dispute - it was offering him a full refund.

The company said the NCPS operative had seen him park in the set down area a week last Thursday, but allowed him a grace period and went away.

It said the car was still illegally parked in the set down area 40 minutes later.

'The driver did not speak to anyone at NCPS, only the operative who was dispatched to declamp the vehicle.. and paid the via automated system selection to pay the declamp in cash,' said NCPS, although Paul said he had called NCPS on his phone to explain the circumstances.

'He was advised by the NCPS operative to appeal and was given instructions on how to do this, however, the driver did not appeal, but went to the media to complain.'

'It's better in my pocket than their pocket I suppose,' said a delighted Paul.

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