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Wexford had 8,222 burglaries in last 10 years

According to new analysis carried out by alarm company PhoneWatch, a total of 8,222 burglaries have taken place in Wexford over the past decade.

This, they say, is the equivalent to one in every six homes or businesses in the county experiencing a break-in during this time.

The analysis shows that Wexford is above the national average when it comes to burglaries, which stands at one in every seven homes being burgled over the ten year period looked at.

With 1,521 Wexford Garda Station recorded the most burglaries of any of Wexford's Garda stations. Enniscorthy (1,058) and Gorey (1,027) were the second and third highest respectively, while with just 74, Campile received the lowest number of burglary reports for the county.

Nationally, 245,260 burglaries occurred in Ireland over the ten years between January 2009 and December 2018.

While there were significant variations year on year, 2018 saw the lowest number of burglaries for the decade with 16,969.

'While we're seeing a welcome reduction in burglaries in recent years, the reality is that burglary still remains all too common in Ireland,' said PhoneWatch Managing Director Eoin Dunne.

'By examining the figures over an extended period we can see the true scale and impact of burglary in Ireland. The good news is that our research shows Irish householders are taking more steps in recent years to protect their homes, and this is having a positive effect.'

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