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Wexford comic book author to see a dream come true


Nick Roche

Nick Roche

Nick Roche

A WEXFORD comic book writer and illustrator will see a dream come true this week when a new Marvel Comics publication hits the shelves.

Nick Roche was commissioned to draw a Deaths Head comic for the world's number one comic publisher.

The single issue adventure will be released this Wednesday, February 12.

Working with Marvel has been a long-held ambition of Nick, a well-known writer and artist on Transformers.

What makes the commission special is that Death's Head was a favourite character of his as a boy.

He drew Death's Head endlessly in primary and secondary school and even dressed as him for Halloween.

'I literally know what it's like to walk in his shoes,' he said.

Death's Head became a cult classic on its release over 20 years ago and is now being revived as part of a series called 'Revolutionary War' which features Marvel heroes from the UK rather than their usual US counterparts.

In his earlier incarnation, Death's Head teamed up with Iron Man, The X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

He has also crossed over with the Transformers and even Doctor Who himself.

In the new tale, the time-travelling cyborg bounty hunter must encounter an earlier version of himself from a different time zone, to solve the mystery of why a coven of Tech Wizards have returned to take over the world.

According to Nick, it's like a buddy movie romp packed with one-liners and wisecracks between the two Death's Heads as they try to outdo each other.

The Wexford illustrator contributed character ideas and dialogue to the script by Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill as well as filling the pages with his special brand of dynamic action.

The comic will be available in all comic shops worldwide.

The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin, is hosting an official launch on Wednesday at 6 p.m. The author will be there to sign copies and provide sketches.

A free exclusive print of Death's Head will be available with each comic until stocks last.

Marvel Comics are famous for their line-up of superheroes including Spiderman, Wolverine and Iron Man.

Nick's recruitment to the Marvel Universe has made it that little bit more local.

What's next? Surely an illustration of Captain Americal eating a rissole can't be too far off!

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