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Wallace says he could top the poll again in the next election


Deputy Mick Wallace.

Deputy Mick Wallace.

Deputy Mick Wallace.

Independent TD Mick Wallace says he could either top the poll again or not get elected at all in the next general election.

The Wexford TD has sent shockwaves through political circles and made international headlines over the past week after exposing unsavoury details about a NAMA property sale in Northern Ireland. The public accounts committees in Ireland and Northern Ireland along with the PSNI are now investigating the property sale on foot of the information Deputy Wallace brought to light in the Dáil, before having his microphone cut off by Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett.

Despite being a constant thorn in the Government's side, Wallace, who speaks five or six times in an average week, has wearily admitted, in an interview in Village Magazine, that he struggles with some of the politicians he encounters in the Dáil and their lack of understanding of the problems people still face.

'We have never witnessed such numbers of people in such a difficult place. Sometimes I listen to people in the Dáil going on about things and they are clueless. There is a serious shortage of people with experience in the real world including how to run a business.'

In spite of all his well publicised business troubles Wallace continues to provide jobs for 55 people. Speaking about the next election Wallace said: 'I could top the poll the next time or I might not get elected at all. I said when I was standing for election that I don't do parish pump stuff, clinics or funerals. I said I would be a national politician because that is what people need. I might lose votes from some people who supported me last time but I have stuck to my word.'

Despite not holding clinics Deputy Wallace constantly maintains a watchful eye on his home county and opened an industrious little constituency office at the Wexford Youths complex in Ferrycarrig in 2014.

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