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Virgin Media received over 200 minor damage complaints


Don Davern of Virgin Media

Don Davern of Virgin Media

Don Davern of Virgin Media

Virgin Media has addressed over 200 complaints about minor damage caused during cable laying work in Wexford and will take great care when it moves into the town centre, a company representative has reassured councillors.

Network Business Development Manager Don Davern gave a presentation to a District Council meeting on Virgin Media's work in the Wexford area which started in 2017 and is 85% completed.

'Wexford town centre is the last bit remaining and that will be done with delicate care', he said, informing local representatives that the company has laid 60,000 metres of network cable, resulting in broadband facilities for 6,000 homes and businesses.

There has been a strong take-up of services which the company is happy about and it is hoped that the contract will be finished by the end of June of this year, he said.

Mr. Davern said the installation method being used means the contractors are only working outside of houses for a day and a half. We're in and out very quickly and its very clean and efficient'.

He said he was aware of concerns about issues including re-instatement and damage to walls, hedges and piers but Virgin Media has dealt with the vast majority of these.

'There were 211 general issues in total and there is only one outstanding matter and that relates to the re-instatement of a green area', he said.

Mr. Davern thanked the Council for its decision to work with the company and said the Virgin Media experience in Wexford town and county has been 'exceptionally positive'.

Labour councillor George Lawlor agreed that there has been a good working relationship but reminded Mr. Davern that councillors were told at the outset that the entire town of Wexford would be covered by the Virgin Media network.

'That is not the case', he said, citing Farnogue Park, Park Side, Rose Park, Park View and Stoneybatter as areas which have been overlooked.

'Our County Manager lives in the area and he doesn't have access to high speed broadband', said Cllr. Lawlor.

'We were told every house in the town would get access to the network. I would ask that this be tackled. A promise was made in this chamber that the whole town would be included', he said.

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