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Top tips to cut the costs


• Ask the Principal if the school offers the Book Rental Scheme or other supports available under the School Books Grant Scheme

• Check if the school runs a second-hand book and uniform sale

• Ask friends and family if they have any of the books on the list or organise your own book and uniform exchange with friends

• Ask your local bookshop if they offer instalment plans and pay for the cost of books over the summer weeks

• Copybooks, pens and pencils can all be cheaper if bought in large quantities - will a friend split the costs with you if you buy a lot together?

• Remember the voluntary contribution is voluntary - speak with the principal if you have any difficulty.

• Watch the shops for special promotions on uniforms. See if you can stitch a school crest on a plain jumper.

• Shop around for generic uniform items like shirts, t-shirts, trousers and skirts in local chain stores

• Check with the Principal on other costs that come up over the year for things like art & craft, photocopying, school trips etc and plan for them.

• Re-use stationery items such as folders, files and pockets.

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