Saturday 24 March 2018

Strongman Shay eyes world crown

IRELAND'S STRONGEST man, Shay Ryan from Wexford, is competing in the legendary World's Strongest Man competition in Lviv, Ukraine this weekend.

Shay, from Cushinstown will be competing in the 105 kg category and holds the current title for Ireland's Strongest Man in both the 90 kg and 105 kg classes for the last two years.

Dr Edmond Harty CEO & Technical Director Dairymaster, who are sponsoring him, said: 'When Shay asked us about this we could see the link right away between the world's strongest man and the world's strongest dairying equipment.' Mr Harty said it was not just the idea of strength but the idea of taking on the whole world that appealed to the company.

Designed to test every aspect of a human being's strength, from sheer power to stamina and speed, the World's Strongest Man takes place on Friday and Saturday. Shay will have to flip a 360 kg tyre, deadlift 330 kgs, lift a 90 kg dumbbell with one arm, perform the log lift starting at 120 kg, walk for 40 metres with 150 kgs in each hand and complete the 'superyoke competition' which entails lifting 390 kg and carrying it for 20 metres.

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