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Staff praised for Ophelia response

Council staff were praised for their extraordinary work during Storm Ophelia in clearing roads and helping people across the county.

Cllr Mary Farrell said there were crisis situations across the county, where homes were left without power or water. Cllr Farrell said ESB crews arrived from across the country and the UK. 'People were at the end of their tether. There was a crew in Kilmuckridge from Mullingar trying to find faults. They were going around with maps for Barntown until someone pointed it out to them.'

She praised communications officer David Minogue and Tony Quirke for keeping her updated during the storm. Cllr Barbara Anne Murphy said: 'When you are without the dignity of being able to flush your toilet for six days it does concentrate the mind. We learned the lesson that forward planning does matter.'

She said she got a call from a local resident enquiring why the power was out four hours into the storm. Chairman Cllr John Hegarty said council staff are often criticised. 'Here we have a perfect example of council workers keeping the couinty going, They did a fantastic job!'

CEO Tom Enright said some workers who were on their annual leave came in to work. 'We met at 5 a.m. with members of the HSE and the civil defence. I want to also pay tribite to our water team for getting water supplies up and running again and to all our indoor and outdoor staff.'

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