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Site still without running water

With temperatures dropping rapidly, the thoughts of Sinn Féin councillor Tom Forde were with the traveller family living on an illegal halting site at Park just outside Wexford town.

It has previously been highlighted the challenging conditions that the family, including small children, find themselves living in, with no running water or toilets and limited electricity all running dangerously from one petrol generator.

While it had been agreed that the council would put in basic water and toilet facilities at the site temporarily, the family stated that this has not yet been carried out, with Christmas just around the corner.

Cllr Forde raised the issue once again at December's Borough Council meeting.

'I had been told that services would be put in for this family by the end of the year,' Cllr Forde said.

'One woman living out there, and she won't mind me telling you this, has just had an operation and badly needs water and toilet facilities to be put in. I'd appreciate if we could get an update on the matter.'

The council officials said they would look into the matter and revert to Cllr Forde.

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