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Signs, barriers or scrap the roundabout at Summerhill?


A property at the bottom of Summerhill after its wall was hit by a car.

A property at the bottom of Summerhill after its wall was hit by a car.

A property at the bottom of Summerhill after its wall was hit by a car.

A number of councillors voiced their concerns over the junction at the bottom of Summerhill which was the location of an accident in recent weeks.

Cllr Davy Hynes raised the issue, saying there had been a serious accident at the junction when a car had gone through a wall in front of a house. This was, he said, the second time it had happened. He suggested that the roundabout had been causing trouble for years, pointing out that small ramps and a large sign had been erected to try alleviate the situation. But, he said, it seemed there were drivers with no regard for signage or safety.

The council, he said, was rebuilding the wall now but the person in the house had asked for a barrier. He added that students often waited in the area for buses and he had concerns for what might happen. He wondered if the centre of the roundabout should be moved and asked the council to look at the issue.

He said: 'I've seen drivers going straight through the roundabout without looking. If there had been a car coming from the other side, who knows what would have happened?'

Senior engineer Lar Lett said they had put up Stop signs and placed ramps on the road, but said they could not legislate for some drivers. He said they would look at the idea of a barrier.

Cllr Lisa McDonald shared her colleague's concerns, adding that it was a matter that required urgent action rather than waiting for the third car. She agreed that driver behaviour was part of the problem.

'That's something we can't control but we can control the design of the junction. A barrier is only a basic solution. I wouldn't be happy with just that.'

Cllr George Lawlor echoed the calls in the room, saying he did not think there should be a roundabout there at all, saying there was not enough room for it. He wondered if, for the safety of students congregating there, bollards should be erected.

All were in agreement that it was a priority safety concern.

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