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Selskar College closer to new school building

Selskar College is to get a new home within the next three years, it has emerged. The school currently situated at Westgate, is to move to a new greenfield site, with Killeens believed to be among the areas under consideration.

Having become home to the Loreto Secondary School in recent years, Killeens is also said to be one of the sites being looked at by IT Carlow as a potential home for their new state of the art Wexford campus which they hope will form an integral part of any South East University.

The Wexford Educate Together School is also getting ready to pull the trigger on a new building and hopes are high that perhaps Selskar College and the primary school will be able to co-locate to form a type of educational campus.

At a meeting of Waterford Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB) last week, it was announced that the board had agreed to enter into negotiations with Educate Together with a view to putting in place a partnership to deliver a new school for Selskar College.

WWETB are keen to urge caution, however, stating that it's early days for the project and it's perhaps not as far along the line as some are making out. WWETB Chief Executive Kevin Lewis says that negotiations are yet to take place with Educate Together and he was reluctant to pre-empt their outcome, however, he was feeling hopeful that some kind of deal could be reached.

WWETB and Selskar College board member Cllr Leonard Kelly has described the latest development as a 'game changer for Post Primary Education in Wexford Town'.

'Basically what we're looking at here is a brand new state of the art school with a capacity for up to 1,000 students,' he said. 'All of the teachers and the current management structure at Selskar College will remain in place. While it's not a bad building, the current school is completely landlocked and has no option to expand and no dedicated playing fields etc. I'm hopeful that this latest development will bring to an end the disgraceful situation of Wexford students having to leave town to attend a secondary school.'

Cllr Kelly added that he was hopeful that some crossover can be created between the new Educate Together primary school and Selskar College in terms of sharing facilities and stated that it's something that has the potential to have a massive positive impact on the local area.

It is hoped that the new school building could be in place within the next three years and while several sites are currently being discussed behind the scenes, it is believed that Killeens is once again to the fore. Major concerns have been expressed in the past about the added traffic that constructing an IT campus or an additional school at Killeens would bring, and Cllr Kelly says this must be a major consideration in any plans moving forward. Meanwhile, Wexford County Council has wished the WWETB all the best with the project.

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