Tuesday 20 March 2018

Russian ban will have little impact on local exporters

Russia's decision to ban the import of EU foods including meat, fish, milk and cheese will have a minimal effect on Wexford exporters.

Slaney Foods chief Rory Fanning said the Russian market was not currently a significant market for his company, but that loss of access to any market was 'very regrettable'.

'Russia is principally a buyer of forequarter beef, a product ideally suited to burger manufacture and casserole/stew preparation,' he said.

A spokesperson for Glanbia which now owns Wexford Creamery said Russia accounts for 'a very small fraction' of its business and that the trade sanctions would have a 'negligible direct impact' on the its diary exports. While cheese is banned, casein infant formula is not affected.

President of the Irish Cattle and Sheep farmers Association, and New Ross farmer Patrick Kent, said there were hopes to expand the Russian export market , so the loss of the market was a concern for meat producers nationally.

'But exports of Irish beef to Russia have been of very little significance in recent years, amounting to less than 0.2% of total beef exports in 2013,' he said.

The Kilmore Seafood Company boss Mairead Roche said that while fish was not being exported to Russia from the seaside village, the company had applied for a licence to export there as well as the Baltic States and the ban would be detrimental to those plans.

'It may not be a long term ban but for the moment it won't have any affect on our business,' she said.

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