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Residents delighted with work on houses


Tom Enright

Tom Enright

Tom Enright

Residents in the Devereux Villas area of Wexford town have expressed delight with work being done to renovate two properties in their area which they say were an eyesore for years.

Speaking to this newspaper a spokesperson for the residents' association said there had been issues with the dereliction of the two houses 'for years' but nothing was done about it at official level.

'However, we met with Tom Enright [the Wexford County Council Chief Executive Officer] about 11 months ago and he promised us that he would do something about it and in fairness he has done,' said the spokesperson.

The residents met with Mr Enright just under a year ago and voiced their concerns. They highlighted the fact that because the properties were derelict they were attracting people engaging in anti-social behaviour. Mr Enright also visited the area and viewed the properties for himself.

'They were actually left vacant for 11 years and in that time they became completely derelict,' said the spokesperson.

'They were an eyesore in the area and that's what annoyed the residents here because it's a nice, quiet, respectable area but they brought it down a bit,' he added.

However, that's not the case anymore and locals said the work done by the local authority on renovating the houses has been brilliant.

'They've really done a fantastic job and they're almost completed and they will make nice homes for two families and whoever gets them we wish them well with them because they are now fine houses,' said the spokesperson.

'It had been going on for years and to be fair to Tom Enright when he met us and saw them himself he said he would get them sorted and he has done and we're thankful for that,' he added.

The resident said the work on the house had cleaned up the area considerably: 'The eyesore is gone and we are very happy.'

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