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Putting the focus on climate change

A project has begun in Enniscorthy aimed at turning the town into a flagship location for sustainability in county Wexford.

The project is encouraging local businesses, community groups, schools and individuals to take action with a view to making Enniscorthy a pilot Sustainable Town.

A global climate strike is planned for Friday, September 20, and in support of that the project team in Enniscorthy is going to host a workshop for secondary school students at which they will be able to discuss climate change and general aspects of sustainability.

The event will take place in the Presentation Centre - located near the Orchard Peace Park in Enniscorthy. A group of students from each of the local secondary schools will be invited to give their perspective on the changes and challenges we all face going forward and what action they believe needs to be taken to address the situation.

A spokesperson for the project team said the workshop will give students a chance to voice their concerns while also giving them an opportunity to generate new ideas about how they can make a difference.

'During the event students will be encouraged to think about some of the issues they face and we will introduce them to 'design thinking' to help them come up with some innovative ways to solve them,' said the spokesperson.

One member of the project team, Irene Cadogan, said everyone is behind the idea of the global climate strike.

'We applaud the idea of the climate strike and the impact that it can have,' she told this newspaper.

'We wanted to do something extra, to find a way to give the students a voice and enable them to become the agents of change in their own local communities,' she added.

The Enniscorthy Sustainable Town (EST) project was initiated by a small group of local volunteers who were looking for a way to make Enniscorthy a leader in tackling sustainability and climate action.

In addition the team of volunteers also wanted to work out ways of making the town a better place to live, work, and visit.

'The goal of the project is to help Enniscorthy become an example for other local towns on how to deal with the key issues they face in a rapidly changing society,' said Ms Cadogan.

In addition to the event in the Presentation Centre two further workshops are also planned and will be aimed at local businesses and people within the community to help them highlight what they believe are the major issues facing the town and to help generate ideas that could lead to addressing those issues in the local area.

For more information visit www.enniscorthysdg.weebly.com.

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