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Pump failure causes flooding in Keywest underground car park

Snow could not be blamed for damage caused to the underground carpark at Keywest when it flooded on Friday night due to the failure of sewage pumps in the basement of the building.

The car park is connected to the nearby Pettitt's SuperValu store, which was forced to close on Saturday as a result of the flooding. It also serves as residents' parking for those living in apartments at Keywest. On Saturday morning, those residents were met with the sight of a flooded car park, with the water level rising to cover the bottom stairwell into the car park.

Dave Cullen, managing director of Euro Car Parks which operates the facility, said that despite the heavy snowfall, their issue had not resulted from that but from council sewage pumps that had failed at some point on Friday night, thus filling the car park with water and sewage. He added that Wexford County Council had pumped the area on Saturday and disinfecting took place on Sunday.

'We're now waiting for our insurance assessors to come down and examine the situation. We also have to look at replacing the barrier system but, again, that will have to come through our insurance.'

Mr Cullen acknowledged that there were ten vehicles inside the car park and said that their claims would be part of the company's insurance claim.

The car park is a busy town centre facility and Mr Cullen said they would reopen as soon as they could, probably within a few days.

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