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Prioritise road safety over revenue at all times - Cllr Carthy

CLLR Ger Carthy, who works in the county ambulance service, took exception to a call by Cllr Fergie Kehoe to review where speed vans are located in the county at the Joint Policing Committee meeting.

Cllr Kehoe said speed vans are perched on the Newline Road in Wexford and on the N25 waiting to catch motorists who are speeding at just above the national road limits.

Cllr Kehoe said: 'On the Newline Road because of its straightness, people are inclined to accelerate a little; it's very unfair. While there is a need for road safety it should be a high priority to locate speed vans in danger areas but they are being located in areas where I have not seen collisions.'

Chief Superintendent John Roche said he has addressed several JPC meetings on this issue in recent years, adding that the vans are only located in collision prone zones where fatal or serious collisions have occurred over the past five years.

'There is no location in the county where speed vans are being located where there hasn't been a collision,' Supt Roche said.

Supt Roche said the locations are reviewed each year.

'We had two fatalities on the New Ross road and on the Newline Road. There is a certain percentage above the limit they allow,' he added.

Cllr Carthy said: 'I have been at the scene of many of these fatalities. As far as I'm concerned road safety has to be top of the agenda at all times. I certainly don't agree with the proposed comments.'

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