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Poor attendance at crime sub-committee meetings

Poor attendance at sub-committee meetings of Wexford County Council's Joint Policing Committee is hampering progress and preventing the election of officers, members were informed.

Cllr. Ger Carthy said the Anti-Social Behaviour Committee was unable to elect a chairman last week because there were not enough people present to form a quorum. He asked public representatives and community representatives to make an effort attend.

Cllr. David Hynes said it was a good idea to convene the sub-committees on the same day as the JPC meetings and added that there was almost a full attendance at the last Alcohol and Drugs sub-committee.

Cllr. Willie Fitzharris said he was unable to make a sub-committee meeting that morning but added:'I think we should make a serious effort to attend.'

Community representative Joy L. Rice said she travelled from Courtown that morning for the Anti-Social Behaviour sub-committee which was unable to proceed because members didn't turn up.

'I think it's the height of ignorance that people don't let us know in advance. Apologies after the event are not good enough.'

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