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Overflowing and blocked drains cause major damage


Some of the damaged stock.

Some of the damaged stock.

Some of the damaged stock.

Blocked and overflowing drains caused major flooding at the Birkenstock shoe shop in South Main Street which has been closed for almost five weeks and is currently undergoing cleaning and refurbishment.

Owner Nancy Kelly arrived to open the shop on February 13 and was shocked to find 'water running out the street, the whole place was saturated and covered in grease and oil and water'.

The problem was caused by a drain which became blocked with grease in a small rear yard which is not part of the Birkenstock premises.

Nancy who opened the shop in Henrietta Street in 2000, moving to South Main Street 11 years ago, said she lost three-quarters of her stock due to contamination and is now waiting for her summer deliveries to arrive.

'You wouldn't believe how bad it was. I cried and I cried and I cried when I saw it'.

'I've had to get the whole place deep cleaned because it was dirty water', said Nancy who contacted Wexford County Council and Irish Water about the flooding problem.

No action was taken because the yard is privately owned, she said. 'No-one is taking responsibility. The County Council don't want to know about it and Irish Water were supposed to come down and didn't.'

'I did nothing to cause this and there is nothing to say that I won't come in here again and find that the same thing has happened.'

'I think it should be highlighted. There seems to be problems with the shores and drains in South Main Street.'

'Only for I had the summer stock ordered and pre-paid, I would have shut the door and walked. This could happen again tomorrow.'

'If people could just wake up to the fact that there is a problem down here'.

Nancy is hoping to re-open the shop in about a fortnight's time, following renovations.

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