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Hearts bleed more for celebs than tragedy


Deborah Coleman.

Deborah Coleman.


Deborah Coleman.

Where do we draw the line between entertainment and letting celebrity culture impact our lives?

This past week the world has been somewhat hanging on every word of popstar Beyoncé over some lyrics on her new album suggesting her husband had an affair.

It never ceases to amaze me, the influence and sheer selling power of entertainers such as this.

Do the public really believe that the likes of Beyoncé would air her dirty laundry in such a public way unless it was a carefully constructed marketing campaign to make more money?

The woman who is notoriously private suddenly has a change of heart and decides to share her marriage woes with the world - coincidentally at the same time she drops a new album. I think not.

The sheer marketing of such is astounding in itself as influence is a very valuable thing and loyal fans are willing to swallow it up and spend a lot of money to do so.

Perhaps for many, this sort of hype is just a mere distraction from their own troubles but there is no doubt that these celebrities have the ability to affect the lives of gullible and naive fans.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the almost ridiculous outpouring of grief when a superstar dies.

I have heard such ridiculous utterances that '2016 is the year that is taking our celebrities'.

The notion itself is just laughable as is the suggestion that a famous person 'battles cancer in secret' simply because they didn't issue a press release about it.

I do understand that fans of artists such as Prince tend to look back on their own lives and remember how music made them feel, or recall a good experience but let's get real here - these celebrities are not people we know or who are physically part of our lives.

How can there be such a disproportionate level of personal grief over the death of a famous person and not a mention of real worldwide tragedies which are taking place every single day.

Atrocities in Africa, Syria, gun crime, communities wiped out by tsunamis, poverty - the list is endless.

And yet, more emotion and reaction is forthcoming when Beyonce pretends to slag off her husband. Is it really 2016?

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