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Anything can happen in 2016 - so why not join me and get fit?


Balance is everything in life: Getting there!

Balance is everything in life: Getting there!

Balance is everything in life: Getting there!

LEICESTER won the Premier League with weeks to spare.

Donald Trump is in with a chance of being the leader of the 'free world'.

Jon Snow is alive.

2016 is only one third of the way through and it has already become the year of the unbelievable.

If you had asked me this time last year if I would ever have undertaken a fitness programme I would have had to be helped off the floor from a laughing fit.

The unbelievable can happen and does happen every day. I write a column about fitness. Unbelievable! Why not see what unbelievable thing you can achieve?

When I had my initial consultation with Robbie Farrell of Weight Health Lifestyle, he presented me with some forms to fill out including one about my stress levels.

At my consultation on Thursday morning he asked me to fill out the same form and the results were unbelievable.

I had highlighted 11 areas of stress in my life eight weeks previously including: increased breathing, worry, negtive self-talk, feeling overwhelmed, rapid talking, yawning, muscle problems.

On Wednesday I was down to three.

Unbelievable what exercise, more sleep and a better diet can do for you!

At the weekend I attended a family wedding and I was able to enjoy a few glasses of wine, great food and I even sampled a few sausages.

The fruits of my 12-week programme are that I can enjoy the odd splurge because I am doing regular exercise and have shed enough body fat to keep me trim.

A golden rule of journalism is to never use two words when one will suffice. There are notable exceptions to this. In my week 8 column I made a horrendous error of Freudian proportions.

In my haste to describe my inability to give birth I wrote that I was physically unable to procreate. My editor wife lost several pounds laughing her head off when she read it and I hope many of you, my dear readers, also got a good belly laugh at my expense.

Another way to lose weight is Weight Health Lifestyle circuit training classes which have moved to St Mary's Secondary School in New Ross. They take place on Monday's at 7 p.m. for one hour and on Wednesday's at 7 p.m. also for one hour.

Robbie said: 'We take medical conditions into account to ensure that each client is equipped with a safe and efficient plan to help them reach their target goals. Do you play take part in physical activity and want to gain an advantage over your competitors? Or want to improve your own fitness levels? WHL Consultants work with athletes on a one to one and group basis to help them reach their true sporting potential. We design sport specific training programmes and personal training programmes that fit around the athlete's lifestyle to ensure that athletes maximise valuable training sessions.' Each sports programme is player specific with Body Composition Analysis and Nutritional Deficiency Assessments conducted and nutritional programmes designed to fill deficiency gaps.'

WHL Consultants, Northgate Medical Centre, New Ross, County Wexford. Phone Robbie Farrell at 087 7759716. www.weighthealthlifestyle.ie

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