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On-the-ball kids raise alarm to help nab burglar

ALERT CHILDREN were responsible for spotting a burglar at work at Killeen's Lane, Judge Gerard Haughton was told on Monday.

Colin Roche (33) from 13 Bloomfield in Clonard appeared at the District Court to admit entering a house as a trespasser on June 16. The children raised the alarm and Garda Pat O'Brien arrived at the scene in time to find Roche in the kitchen and to make the arrest when the defendant attempted to flee.

The Garda informed the judge that Roche had 40 previous convictions on his record, the first ones dating back to the defendant's teenage years. The computer read-out showed 11 counts of burglary, five misuse of drugs offences and two of larceny. He had recently been convicted and sentenced to eight months imprisonment for burglary, added Pat O'Brien.

The judge noted that the offence at Killeen's Lane was carried out while the accused was on bail. Defending solicitor Ed King said his client had struggled in the past with heroin addiction but recently obtained work placement on a farm. Roche's partner of three years Marita Jones was in court to state that, though the father of her nine-month-old baby was now clean of heroin, he had taken up gambling instead.

She said that it was difficult to stand by him at time but reckoned that her partner had made significant progress of late. However, the judge was not impressed to learn that the offence being considered took place two days before he was due to appear in court on other charges.

He ordered that Colin Roche should serve four months in jail, the term to start at the conclusion of his current sentence. The defendant was placed in handcuffs and led away by prison officers.