Sunday 18 March 2018

No posters but ties are left behind

Maria Pepper

In their rush to avoid littering fines, election candidates engaged in a frenzy of poster removal – but many of them left the cables ties behind.

In a post-election letter, the Environment section of Wexford County Council reminded all 70 candidates of the deadline for taking down posters and also advised them not to forget the cable ties.

But poles throughout the county are still adorned with the plastic ties which are also littering the ground in some areas.

'We have advised candidates to remove the cable ties as well. They are unsightly,' said administrative officer Hugh Maguire.

Unfortunately, the Council will not be able to take action against cable tie culprits because the items are not identifiable.

Candidates with election advertising still up after the seven day post-polling deadline, of Friday May 30, will face litter fines of €150 per poster, however.

If a fine is not paid, the next step is a prosectution in court.

'We will be monitoring the situation for a period of time and if posters are still up, the wardens will take action,' said Hugh.

The County Council set up special poster recycling receptacles in the four main towns – Holmestown in Wexford; Old Dublin Road, Enniscorthy; Gorey Business Park and opposite Tesco in New Ross.

Cable ties can also be recycled in these centres, according to Hugh.

The Council official said a number of candidates contacted the environment department reporting that some of their posters had gone missing.

They were concerned that an element of 'mischief' might be afoot and the posters could re-appear elsewhere, leaving them open to litter fines.

With Tidy Towns inspectors due to visit towns in the coming weeks, the local authority is keen to see all posters and cable ties gone.

The Mayor of Wexford Cllr. George Lawlor who is an active supporter of Wexford Tidy Towns was seen on the New Line Road early last Friday morning picking up discardedcable ties.

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