Sunday 18 March 2018

New water pipes will go through or under old houses

Breda Hanley, who lives on Distillery Road, inset, one of the roads affected by the new pipelines.
Breda Hanley, who lives on Distillery Road, inset, one of the roads affected by the new pipelines.

NEW water pipelines will have to go under or through houses in older parts of Wexford town to connect to mains supplies.

But a question mark remains over who will pay for work.

'Who's going to pay?' asked Cllr Fergie Kehoe, failing to draw any reponse from county manager Adrian Doyle on who would foot the bill.

Borough councillors were told at their monthly meeting last week, that new sections of watermain will be built in Carrigeen Street, Distillery Road, and Whitemill Road early in 2014.

Internal and external surveys will be carried out of each property to establish their structural condition prior to any construction work. Each survey will take up to one and a half hours.

Cllr Kehoe asked whether householders would be expected to cover the cost of the new connections.

'If that's the case, it will be very, very bad,' he said.

Cllr Anthony Kelly said he was present at some earlier surveys in the area and had been told that if people signed up then and there for the work there would be some sort of contribution towards it.

Cllr Kehoe said the costs of routing from the street and underneath the houses or back through the houses would be substantial.

Cllr Padge Reck questioned why the council was getting involved in spending money on the project in view of the fact that water was going to be privatised.

But Mr Doyle responded that it was not the council's money but the government's money that would be spent.

'We've had a number of projects going on for many years, this happens to be one of them,' he said, 'it's many years in the pipeline, not all of a sudden.'

'We couldn't get a shilling to conserve water,' contended Cllr Reck.

Mr Doyle was having none of it.

'We have spent a fortune to rehabilitate pipelines,' he said.

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