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New Ross business owner counts cost of arson attack

A NEW Ross business is counting a 'massive cost' after one of their delivery lorries, containing a brand new fitted kitchen, was set alight outside their factory.

Cedarwood Furniture, which has a retail unit in the Woodbine Business Park, is now at a loss of €20,000 after their Ford Iveco box lorry and an ivory kitchen, due to be fitted on Monday were completely destroyed in the blaze outside their premises at Camross.

'I'm fuming. In this present climate, with the amount of companies in our field gone bust, we are still trading away and then this happens,' said proprietor Sean Hayden, (pictured, right) who employs 35 people at their Camaross factory. 'It is sickening'.

'It is very disheartening.... all the staff came in this morning and they are fearful of their jobs... we still have to get up and put our shoulder to the wheel. This comes at a massive cost. I had to come in here this morning and find €20,000,' said Sean speaking yesterday.

It was only by chance that Sean was in the premises when the lorry was broken into and set ablaze on Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m.

According to Sean the situation could have been even worse after he managed to save his two other delivery lorries, which were parked o n either side of the blazing vehicle.

Sean managed to get a forklift and chains to pull the burning lorry out of the way of the other lorries so they too wouldn't go up in flames.

' The other lorries are both scorched but we were lucky enough to get them out of the way,' said Sean.

The fitted kitchen, which was practically reduced ashes, was due to be fitted in a house in Newbawn on Monday. Cedarwood's staff have now been tasked with completely rebuilding the kitchen, which usually takes three weeks, by this Friday.

' The kitchen was all ready to go. The first thing that came into my mind after the incident was to contact the customer, who understood,' said Sean.