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'More salt in chipper than on some roads'

A CHIPPER in New Ross has more salt than the NRA (National Roads Authority) allocated to some of County Wexford's roads during the recent cold snap, according to Cllr Larry O'Brien.

The Campile man expressed his displeasure with the amount of salt spread on local roads in recent weeks and said that Wexford County Council needs to focus on a plan to target roads outside of the national routes and main towns.

'I think there's more salt in The Penguine chip shop in New Ross than was spread on some roads around the county,' said Cllr O'Brien.

He said that while last January the county council took the criticism for the lack of salt, he wanted it pointed out now that this time around the NRA were the ones who decided what amount of salt went where.

Cllr O'Brien said there are a number of council depots in rural areas where 'a couple of tonnes of salt' should be put and then contractors hired, if necessary, to spread it when the next cold snap strikes.

However, he praised the council workers, noting that there were three in his area and they took their own risks by getting out very early every morning in their two-wheel drive truck to spread grit and salt.

Director of Road Services with Wexford County Council, Adrian Doyle, rejected Cllr O'Brien's argument about the amount of salt.

He noted that the council had been spreading 220 tonnes of salt per night. 'That would fill a very big chip shop,' he said.