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Mix-up delayed ambulance to injured rider for nearly an hour

A YOUNG woman who was injured in a horseriding accident had to wait nearly an hour for an ambulance to arrive because it is understood the emergency services were dispatched to Rathangan in County Kildare instead of County Wexford by mistake.

The 20 year old woman had an accident while taking part in the hunt canter hosted by Scar Hunt Club in Rathangan on Sunday, December 21.

A person at the scene dialled 999 and asked for an ambulance to be sent out but a second call had to be made when there was a delay in the vehicle arriving.

The girl was lying on the ground in the cold with a blanket over her while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.

It was discovered that an ambulance was sent from Naas to Rathangan in Kildare instead.

'I understand they were waiting for an hour for the ambulance to come,' said a woman involved in the hunt.

'Someone rang back to find out what was happening and was told the ambulance had gone to Rathangan in Kildare.'

'They must have got it wrong,' said Pat Walsh of the Scar Hunt Club. 'They had to ring again.' The young rider was taken to Wexford General Hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

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