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Mastectomy bra fitting service available online


Sasha Roche Kelly from the Wexford-based service Linnoco

Sasha Roche Kelly from the Wexford-based service Linnoco

Sasha Roche Kelly from the Wexford-based service Linnoco


Linnoco, one of the leading suppliers of mastectomy bras, prosthesis, sports bras and compressions garments, has had to reorganise its face-to-face measurement and fitting service in the wake of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Sasha Roche Kelly from Linnoco met her clients face to face but the practice had to stop and clients were left without interaction and the availability of services.

'Our client base is mainly women who have experienced breast cancer and are at difference stages of this journey,' said Sasha who worked as an oncology nurse for over 13 years in the UK and Ireland.

For her, the service is not about fitting a bra but more about providing time for her clients to talk, get the correct bra and walk out of a fitting feeling that their body image and confidence have improved. With social distancing guidelines, it wasn't possible to continue having consultations with clients to assess their needs for medical lingerie, prosthesis and compression garments. This meant the business structure had to change.

Sasha had to provide her service remotely, leading to the establishment of Online Bra Fitting Services, whereby people get in touch by phone, email or filling out an online form on Linnoco's website to request a free bespoke Linnoco tool kit comprising a measurement chart, written instructions, helpful pictures and a measuring tape.

The kit is posted to the clients and they do their own measurements at home. Once this is completed, they can then go to the website www.linnoco.com to view the range of post-op lingerie including mastectomy bras, prosthesis and swimwear. They choose the products they wish to purchase and Linnoco will deliver to their home, anywhere in Ireland.