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Man saved by MarineWatch volunteers in Wexford Harbour


Frank Flanagan, Marinewatch.

Frank Flanagan, Marinewatch.

Frank Flanagan, Marinewatch.

VOLUNTEERS from Wexford MarineWatch were called into action once again during the early hours of last Monday morning, when a young man entered the water at Wexford's Quayfront.

The swift reaction of the trained volunteers to the incident made sure the person was quickly recovered and first aid care administered while an ambulance was called.

Wexford RNLI were also paged to assist, however, the quick rescue of the man from the cold water, following the use of a rescue rope by the MarineWatch volunteers, meant they were not required to launch.

'I am delighted that we were fortunate enough to once again have managed to save a person's life this weekend.

'The response by our volunteers was textbook, and what they are trained for,' said MarineWatch founder Frank Flanagan.

'It was dark at the time, not many people nearby and there are very strong currents in the harbour. This could easily had a very different outcome, had the volunteers not been there,' he said.

This was one of many incidents dealt with by volunteers over the Bank Holiday weekend. Friday night also saw an ambulance requested for a distressed person on Wexford Quayfront.

Wexford MarineWatch said it wanted to extend a big thank you to the Emergency Services who provided it with support during the various incidents over the weekend - Irish Coast Guard (MRCC), Wexford Gardai, Wexford RNLI and Wexford Ambulance Service.

If you ever see someone in difficulty on or near the water, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.

All the MarineWatch volunteers are trained and ready to react in an the event of an emergency.

There are strict protocols in place which are followed by volunteers when someone enters the water - this ensures the person is recovered at the earliest opportunity, reducing the risk of someone losing their life.

We now have a dedicated team of 140 volunteers, who train regularly with the RNLI and the other Emergency Services ensuring a co-ordinated response in the event of something like this.

All volunteers are also trained in Suicide Prevention Techniques (QPR). No life has been lost through suicide from Wexford Bridge or Quayfront since Marinewatch established in 2012.

Remember there is help out there - Pieta House can be contacted 24hrs a day on 1800 247247 and the Samaritans on 116123.

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