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Man missed court date because he was 'up the walls' with kids

A MAN BROUGHT to the District Court on Monday after he was arrested under a bench warrant blamed the distractions of a busy home life for his failure to attend a previous sitting. Barry Cullen of 14 Tuskar Mór appeared after he was formally arrested by Garda Robert Aylward.

Cullen explained to the judge that he had five kids at home and that 'it was up the walls' on the day in question when he was supposed to be meeting a charge of cannabis possession dating back to Rosslare Harbour on September 28 last. He did not realise until evening time that he had missed his court date.

The judge put the matter into the list for September 17 and Cullen assured him that he would not forget this. The defendant confirmed that he was unemployed before he was assigned the assistance of solicitor Ed King under the free legal aid scheme. He also gave his new address as 62 St. Brendan's Estate, Rosslare Harbour.