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Local Government: number by number


The number of leaks in the water mains network detected by the two Wexford County Council leak detection teams during the month of June.


The number of sites in the ' bring banks' network where glass bottles and aluminium drinks cans are collected for recycling - a total of 260 tonnes were assembled during May - 254 tonnes of glass and 6 tonnes of aluminium.


The percentage of Wexford schools entitled to fly the 'Green Flag' for environmental programmes, 81 out of 126 schools around the county.


The amount in euro paid out so far to landholders along the route of the planned Enniscorthy M11 and New Ross N25 by-passes. The money has been divided between 153 property owners, while 144 have yet to settle.


The number of groups who registered with Wexford County Council for the spring clean campaign in April. The environment section handed out 5,000 bags and 1,000 pairs of gloves to support the effort.


The number of events at which the Civil Defence provided ambulance and first aid cover during the month of June - from the polocrosse tournament in Horetown on June 2/3 to the Strawberry half marathon in Enniscorthy on June 24.


The number of items borrowed from the library service during the month of May.


The average fine in euro imposed on convicted cigarette smugglers, according to Cllr. Martin Murphy. He persuaded fellow councillors - with the exception of nicotine addict Cllr. Robbie Ireton - to join in a call for a minimum penalty of €10,000.


The number of contractors who showed interest in building the New Ross library.

In the end, 13 formally applied to carry out the work and of whom 10 have qualified to put in tenders. The survivors will be invited to put in their bids at the end of next month and the successful bidders should move on to the site early in the new year.