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'Let's leave it to the experts to sort it out'

COUNCILLORS should leave flood protection to the experts and not attempt to micro-manage the scheme being prepared to stop the Slaney bursting its banks in Enniscorthy. That was the message from county manager Eddie Breen as he looked forward to details of the scheme being unveiled to the public on July 17.

C llr. Paddy Kavanagh assured Wexford County Council that people in Enniscorthy welcomed the decision to go ahead with the scheme. However, he wanted to know when details of the new bridge due to be erected downstream from the Riverside Park hotel to replace the existing Rafter Bridge, which is set to be removed.

The Fine Gael man reported that he was fielding questions from members of the public about how the bridge would be used to bring traffic from the main Wexford Road and on to Mill Park Road.

The manager responded that consultants would be appointed to design the detail of the new structure but he expected that it will look very much along the lines indicated in the initial drawing issued by the Office of Public Works.

'It will be the job of the consultants to manage the traffic flow,' said Eddie Breen who indicated strongly that he did not expect to return to formal consultation with councillors or the public on the finer details of the scheme.

He accepted that not everyone will be happy with the end result but concluded: ' The OPW has come a long way on this - let them at it.'