Tuesday 23 January 2018

Keeping tabs on our spaces

Padraig Byrne

NEW ELECTRONIC sign boards were switched on on all approach roads into Wexford this week.

NEW ELECTRONIC sign boards were switched on on all approach roads into Wexford this week.

The five signs were erected during the summer at a cost of €185,000 and are designed to provide visitors to the town with vital parking information.

The work was to be funded under the capital programme, but due to cash flow problems the project was delayed.

The signs currently inform visitors to the town that parking in all public car parks in Wexford is free from 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays leading up to Christmas; however the council are hoping that they will be fully operational after Christmas when they will show how many car parking spaces are available in public car parks.

'They are the first phase of the Parking Information System in the town,' said Borough Engineer Sinead Casey.

'The next phase will see electronic signs and traffic counters at the public car parks. The information gathered at each individual car park will then be sent via SMS to the VMS signs which will show parking availability in public car parks.'

While it would be hard to give an accurate depiction of the parking situation in Wexford without the inclusion of private car parks, Ms Casey said that plans are afoot to include them in the near future.

She said: 'It is the intention to roll the scheme out to private car parks, therefore offering an overall picture in numbers of available spaces at any one time in town.'

The signs can also be programmed remotely to display a variety of messages relevant to circumstance at the time, but will primarily be used to display parking information.

Larger electronic sign boards that were supposed to provide travel information to motorists heading to Rosslare Europort have never been operational and are sill blacked out.

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