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It's a super MacDouble

Not one, but two Supermacs on the menu for Wexford

A minimum of 25 new jobs are to be created after fast food chain Supermacs this week announced that Wexford is to strongly feature in its expansion plans.

Founder of the national chain Pat McDonagh announced that they are to open a restaurant to the rear of the petrol station in Larkins Cross, hopefully by summer time, while they are currently scouting potential locations for another restaurant in Wexford town.

Having recently won a major court battle with global giants McDonalds over the trademark of the ‘big mac’, Mr McDonagh is delighted to finally get up and running in Wexford.

‘We’ve been trying to get into Wexford for a while,’ Mr McDonagh said. ‘We had tried to secure a few sites in the past and we were either unsuccessful or we were told there might be some issues around planning. Obviously we see a great opportunity in Wexford and we’re confident it can be a success.’

The first restaurant is to slot into the old ‘Mother Hubbard’s’ premises situated at the back of O’Brien’s service station in Larkin’s Cross and Mr McDonagh is hopeful that the new Wexford Supermacs can be up and running quickly.

‘We’re going to move in there in the next three or four weeks time and start work to fit it out and that kind of thing,’ he said. ‘We’re hoping that it will provide somewhere in the region of 20 to 25 jobs in the initial stages. Then we’d hope that there’ll be a bit of a boost for jobs in the rest of the plaza as a result, so hopefully we’d be looking at around 50 jobs on the whole site. Hopefully we’ll be up and running for the summer period.’

Meanwhile, no location has been decided upon for a second restaurant in Wexford town, however, Mr McDonagh says they are currently looking at different options.

‘We’re looking at sites at the minute,’ he said. ‘There’s nothing concrete just yet. We’re looking to do a plaza type thing like what we’re doing at Larkin’s Cross. Ideally, we’d be looking at something a little bigger. Nothing is set in stone just yet and sites like that in town can be hard to find. But it’s something we’re looking into at the moment and we’re keen to make it happen.’

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