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Impractical for many reasons

BORIS IVANOFF (above), proprietor of Katie Daly's Pub and Restaurant on Gorey's Main Street, feels that putting calorie counts on his ever changing menu would be impractical.

The premises has a busy lunch time trade, and also offers separate evening menus for dining out. 'To do it right, you'd have to get a specialist in,' he said. 'Our menu would vary daily so if you had to get a specialist in every day to do your calorie count, it wouldn't be feasible. It wouldn't be accurate. For instance, how do you account for portion sizes?'

'We have a separate menu for lunch and for the evening, and we also have two specials boards every day,' he said. 'You also have groups coming in where you would make up a menu for them. You would be constantly counting calories, and to what benefit?'

He said that people can already see what'sina dish from reading the menu. 'Nothing is hidden,'he said. 'People might eat out once a week and they are going out to enjoy themselves. They are leaving their diets at home. The calorie count is more for people who are eating out every day, and the way the economic climate has gone, there's not many of them.'

As to whether or not he will introduce the calorie count when it's voluntary, he said he would have to look into the costings of such a measure before deciding. 'If it's something people keep asking for, then yes, we'll do it then,' he said. 'If it became mandatory it would present a real problem to have it accurate.'