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IDA positive about area progress

A recent meeting between Wexford council officials and IDA management proved very positive, the meeting heard.

Director of Services Tony Larkin said the IDA officials were very impressed by the council's economic pln for the coming years.

He said: 'We got 30 minutes to get our message across. They were very supportive of our office and industrial space solutions. They promised their full support in terms of marketing and sending out itineraries. They were very supportive of other things which I cannot speak about in a public forum.'

Mr Larkin praised the IDA, saying they work closely with Wexford County Council, proofing their marketing material and collaborating on projects,

CEO Tom Enright said: 'It's not often the IDA board meet outside of Dublin. We met them in Rosslare and the CEOs of top companies in the region attended with IDA management. The message was for us to keep doing what we've been doing and to continue with our ambitious business programme and that will help to attract companies and investment and to enhance our marketing options here. We had the facts and figures to show them.

'I received a very positive letter from the chairman commending us on our approach and looking forward to working with us in future.'

Wexford People