Sunday 22 April 2018

Headstones damaged in historic graveyard

David Tucker

Evidence of recent tree cutting. Photo: Ger Hore
Evidence of recent tree cutting. Photo: Ger Hore

SEVERAL headstones at a historic Wexford graveyard have been damaged, apparently by people cutting trees.

Cllr. Jim Allen said he had received a number of complains from local people about what had happened to the gravestones at Carrig graveyard in Park, where many of those killed in the 1798 Rebellion are buried.

While there are no standing headstones connected to the Rebellion, at least two dating to slightly earlier have been broken or dislodged.

Another more recent gravestone dating to the early 1930s has also been broken.

'It appears the damage has been cause by tree cutters, although I haven't been able to find out who cut the trees,' said Cllr. Allen.

He said the cutting did not appear to have been carried out by the local authority.

'It's an awful shame that this has happened. It's a very peaceful that local people like to visit,' he said.

While the upper branches of some of the cut trees have been pushed to the side of the graveyard, all the heavy limbs have been cut up and taken away. I would like to know who did this.'

Cllr. Allen said many of the bodies in the cemetery dated back to the 1798 Rebellion although these never featured standing gravestones but flat marker stones.

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