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Gardaí have a 'big issue' with the location of some of the speed vans.

Gardaí have a 'big issue' with the location of some of the speed vans.

Gardaí have a 'big issue' with the location of some of the speed vans.

THE GARDAÍ have a ' big issue' with the location of speed vans in Co Wexford. Chief Superintendent John Roche said he has written several letters questioning the suitability of some of the locations chosen.

He was responding to comments by Cllr Declan McPartlin at a Joint Policing Committee meeting of Wexford County Council.

'One thing that confounds people is seeing these speed vans where they are doing nothing except raising money,' he sid.

Cllr McPartlin said a van regularly appears on a road outside Gorey where there is greatly reduced traffic.

The Chief Superintendent said he has written letters to the company which runs the vans. 'I have a big issue with where some of these vans are placed,' he said.

The Garda chief said the vehicles were put in locations where accidents occurred.

He cited The Mill road outside Enniscorthy, where there has been a speed van appearing over the past two years.

'A lot of lorries have scraped the bridge and they have been reported as accidents.'

'I've written and written about this and I'm told it's being reviewed,' he said.

Roads which are real accident blackspots do not get vans, he said: 'Hollyfort Road is a blackspot and there hasn't been a van there. The New Line Road outside Wexford is another and there's no speed vans there. It's frustrating,' said the chief superintendent.

'Even the traffic gardaí are frustrated. We have written forcibly,' he added.

Cllr Martin Murphy said he is worried that some of the vans are parked in unsafe locations. 'I see places where they are parked in dark corners at night. What rules govern where they can park?' he asked.

Chief Superintendent Roche said they must be legally parked. 'If you give me the locations, I will check them out.'

' They shouldn't be covertly hidden. It's all about high visibility and deterring people from speeding.'