Monday 23 October 2017

Free the weed! Davy Hynes makes call for cannabis legalisation

Niamh Keegan

WEXFORD councillor Davy Hynes says cannabis should be legalised to help remove the scourge of drug dealers from our streets.

The former Labour man turned Independent said the legalisation of cannabis would remove the drug dealers from the streets and allow all users, including those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis or Rheumatism, to buy cannabis from licensed shops.

'Legalising the use of cannabis might remove some of the dealers from the community and allow people to purchase that soft drug from licensed shops however it would not solve problem of addiction and associated problems,' he said.

'The biggest drug problem we have of course is alcohol but nobody wants to face that because the drinks companies have it under control,' he said.

The councillor has a wealth of direct community experience in substance misuse having worked for eight years with the Cornmarket Project. The project under the auspices of the Wexford Local Development enables offenders and substance misusers to move to a stable and productive lifestyle. For the past two years Davy has been a pre-accredited addiction counsellor with voluntary service 'Its Good to Talk'.

He said drug dealers were fearless and vicious and because people would not talk about them they are being allowed to intimidate with impunity.

'I know of a parent who could have been enjoying a comfortable retirement but had to keep working to pay off a drug debt over and over again as the child kept relapsing back into drug use, it's very sad,' he said.

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