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it will come as no surprise to discover that more Fords were registered in County Wexford than any other car during 2014.

Ford's sales of 410 cars, significantly up on 2013's 270, compares with 346 for its nearest rival Volkswagen, which is enjoying very good sales with its ubiquitous Golf.

Overall new registrations in the county are up almost 40 per cent on the previous year, with 3,163 cars sold in 2014 compared to 2,267 in 2013.

Nationally new car sales were up 30 per higher last year, with 96,338 compared to 74,367 in 2013.

With 55 per cent of motorists with cars of five years of age or older saying they planned to buy a new car this year, 2015 could be a bumper year for a motor industry that has been struggling to re-assert itself after years of recession.

Alan Nolan, Secretary General of the SIMI, said the feedback from members for January had been very positive, indicating continued growth in sales for the rest of the year.

'While all of this has to be put in the context of the very low base that we are starting from, we are confident that 2015 will see sales in all segments continue to grow and improve on 2014,' said Mr. Nolan.

Among the top six sellers in County Wexford in 2014 are Toyota, with 278, Renault with 254, Hyundai with 245 and Nissan with 232.

All six of the top sellers recorded higher sales in the county in 2014 compared to 2013.

In 2013, Ford sold 270 cars, Volkswagen 203, Toyota 171, Renault 191, Hyundai 161, and Nissan 163.

Peugeot too did very well, increasing sales from 119 to 181.

In the luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz has seen its sales increase from 49 to 74, BMW from 38 to 43. Audi was nine down at 70. Jaguar sales went from one to three over the period.

Opel's sales went from 140 cars to 163, while Skoda increased its sales from 135 cars to 153.

Seat went from 44 to 67, Suzuki sales went from 13 to 27, while Volvo sold 25 cars compared to 16 in 2013.

New Hondas registered were up from 34 to 59, Mazda from 90 to 110, Dacia from 72 to 83. Citroen put in a sterling performance, almost doubling its sales from 44 to 81. Land Rover sales showed a big increase from 19 to 35. Mitsubishi went from 28 to 43 and Fiat from 18 to 31.

Other sales during 2014 were Isuzu which sold 18 cars, a three-fold increase on 2013, and Subaru, which sold nine, compared to none in 2013. Five Minis were sold in 2014 against eight in 2013.

While the numbers of new cars registered are still considerably down on those being achieved during pre-recessionary times, the motor trade is of the collective view that the worst is now behind us and road forward is clear of any major obstacles.

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