Sunday 22 April 2018

Ferry suppliers are left high and dry

John Lynch (port manager), Hayley Ryan and Ian Davies
John Lynch (port manager), Hayley Ryan and Ian Davies

THE newly-rebranded Stena Horizon set off for France from Rosslare last Tuesday, leaving in its wake a row over where it sources its supplies from.

When it was flying the Celtic Link flag, the then-Celtic Horizon ferry was provisioned from both Ireland and Cherbourg, but Stena now says that most of what it needs will be supplied from its Swedish headquarters.

Ireland South European Elections candidate Deirdre Clune criticised Stena for dropping Irish suppliers, however, her spokesperson was unable to identify which suppliers had lost business or where they were based.

Stena said in a statement that as part of its acquisition of Celtic Link, Stena Line contacted all of the suppliers to the company approximately three weeks ago to identify the scope and range of services being offered across the business in a bid to identify areas it might be able to better leverage with its central purchasing operation.

'Following a review of the supplier list, Stena Line contacted a number of local suppliers last week to inform them that they would not be continuing with their services and would instead be sourcing some of the services currently provided by local companies from their central purchasing department in Sweden,' said the company.

The deal to buy Celtic Ferries was concluded in late February and Stena took over the operations of Celtic in late March.

'While all of the 65 staff who worked with Celtic Ferries at Rosslare and Cherbourg will transfer to Stena Line, the dropping of local suppliers will hurt the South East region,' said Ms. Clune.

'I would call on Stena Line to review their commitment to their new Irish operations and re instate Irish suppliers immediately,' she said.

While the ferry has Stena's signature 'S' and colours on its funnel, the livery work has not yet been completed and the vessel still bears the name Celtic Horizon although it is referred to as the Stena Horizon.

'The ship will be renamed soon,' said a spokesperson.

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