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Fears over fires in remote areas

Knowledge of georgraphy is vital when it comes to emergency services, but Cllr Robbie Ireton struggled to recall Wexford's most iconic symbol, when he criticised the reach of the county's fire service.

'Where do they have that lighthouse?' the exasperated Labour councillor said, as he highlighted the length of time it takes fire tenders to reach Hook Head. Cllr Ireton said 20 minutes distance is the maximum recommended for fire tenders to attend fires, adding that it would take a lot longer for fire crews to reach a fire at Hook Head from Wexford. Cllr Ireton said fire tenders, which have come to the end of their life, are being sold off by the council, but could be used by auxillary fire crews across the county.

'There are lots of volunteers all over this county. They could be trained in to deal with a fire until the professionals arrive.'

The North Wexford man said it would take a fire tender 37 minutes to get to Hook Head from New Ross, adding that the county has 30,000 mobile homes and many wood frame houses, so the service needs to be improved.

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