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Fear long-awaited drainage scheme may be delayed

FEARS THAT the long- awaited Gorey/Courtown main drain scheme could be put on the long finger were raised last week by Cllr. Malcolm Byrne. The Fianna Fáil rep noted the phrase 'we hope' in the report of county manager Eddie Breen when predicting that work should start at the end of 2012 or early next year.

Cllr. Byrne worried that the scheme, which was supposed to have commenced already, appeared to have been pushed back yet again. He wanted to know how realistic the hope expressed by the manager actually was. Director of engineering service Eddie Taaffe admitted that progress had been slow of late and the documents involved had proved very complex.

Five contractors have qualified to submit tenders but the director indicated that a firm which was a member of one of the five consortia went out of business. The result was a one month delay while a replacement was put in place. Eddie Taaffe did not reveal his own hope for the date on which work may commence.

At least Cllr. Byrne was offered a vague estimate. His Fianna Fáil colleague from Enniscorthy was further back the queue looking for light at the end of what may prove a long sewerage pipeline. In the case of the Enniscorthy main drainage, Cllr. Doyle was nervous to read that contract documents were ' being reviewed' by county council officials.

He wondered how long the review would take before the paperwork is relayed to the Department of the Environment seeking approval to look for tenders.

Director of services Eddie Taaffe suggested that there were changes to be made to the documents and the process would take four to six more weeks.