Wednesday 13 December 2017

Families in fear of farmland fires

David Tucker

AN old barn on a derelict farm was gutted by a fierce fire in Coolcotts on Thursday.

Now people living on Mansfield Drive are calling for action to be taken before there is another fire on the farmland which they fear could spread to their homes which neighbour the farm site.

One man said he used a hose on his neighbour's heating oil tank to keep the flames away during last week's blaze.

'The next time there's a big wind and there's another fire, it's going to be out on the road,' said the man, who asked not to be identified.

A neighbour said local people believed that youngsters were to blame for the fire. Criona Shine said she at first saw smoke, but didn't realise how bad the fire was until flames started licking over the wall at the end of her garden.

'I called the fire brigade. This is the third time this has happened, but this one was too big for me to put out, it got out of hand,' she said.

Grass and scrub on the site of the old farm were tinder dry last week following several days of of high temperatures and no rain.

'It's right next to our gardens. It's a huge concern for us,' said another neighbour. 'It's the fourth fire that's been here in the past couple of years...the farm has become a real gathering point,' he said.

Two units of the fire service attended the blaze and quickly brought it under control.

Wexford fire brigade warned people to be vigilant and to be very careful where they discarded cigarette butts or set up barbecues.

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