Tuesday 24 April 2018

ESB says no lights till council pays up

David Tucker

n Traffic light at the Johns Road/John Street Crossroads.
n Traffic light at the Johns Road/John Street Crossroads.

WEXFORD Borough Council has to pay a reconnection fee to the ESB before the Dunnes pedestrian crossing lights can be switched back on.

The Dunnes lights have been out of action since the end of February when they were disconnected by the ESB to allow the council to carry out work there.

The ESB now says the council has to accept its quotation and pay a reconnection fee before it goes ahead and that hasn't happened yet.

'We're still waiting for the council to finalise some of the admininstrative work,' an ESB spokesperson told this newspaper, declining to say how much the reconnection fee was.

Cllr. George Lawlor said he was seriously concerned about the 'protracted delay' at theDunnes crossing and at the busy crossing of John's Road and John Street in the town where the traffic lights have been out of action for almost a week.

'There has been an inordinate wait for the Dunnes lights to be sorted out,' said Cllr.Lawlor.

'I can't understand the hold-up and if something happens who is responsible?' said Cllr. Lawlor.

'Both are equally dangerous and at both we're relying on people and motorists to find their own ways to use them.'

Cllr. Lawlor said he had raised the Dunnes lights issue at a previous council meeeting and intended now to raise it 'at the highest level as a matter of urgency.

'It leaves people with a lot of worry. It doesn't seem reasonable,' said the former mayor.

'We need to have a regulated crossing at Dunnes, it's not safe to leave it up to pedestrians and drivers.'

Borough Engineer Sinead Casey told Cllr. Lawlor late yesterday (Monday) that the council 'was still waiting for power to be supplied for the Dunnes crossing lights'.

'The borough engineer said she expects it to be sorted outvery quickly.' said Cllr. Lawlor, adding that he had been told the John's Road problem was 'a technical issue' and should be resolved soon.

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