Tuesday 16 January 2018

Eoin to press Disney to shoot in Wexford

Robert de Niro is among the film’s producers.
Robert de Niro is among the film’s producers.

WEXFORD author Eoin Colfer would love to see his home county included in the film version of his 'Artemis Fowl' books following the news that Disney is to make a movie about his eponymous teenage anti-hero.

The deal went through 12 years ago, but is only just bearing fruit in the shape of a commitment to make the blockbuster.

With some of Hollywood's heavy hitters involved, the adaptation of the first two Artemis novels for the big screen is likely to be very big business indeed.

But the author from Wexford will see little or nothing of the money except in royalties from extra book sales generated by the appearance of Fowl on film.

Eoin Colfer was delighted at the news that Disney is preparing run with the project which will include actor Robert de Niro among the producers.

But he also recalled that canny 'Lord of the Rings' producer Harvey Weinstein bought the film rights back in 2000 before the books became bestsellers.

And the dialogue for the movie is due to be penned by Michael Goldenberg of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' fame rather than the original author.

However, Colfer has not been left completely out of the loop. He told RTE news last week that he had been speaking to Weinstein, who assured the Irishman that he would be kept involved every step of the way.

'The deal was done a long time ago,' he recalled. ' For me it would just be fantastic seeing it made and made really well.'

And he told reporters it would great if some of scenes could be filmed in the Model County, a suggestion he would put to the film makers.

While human actors - Carlow's Saoirse Ronan has been tipped for a part - will have their place in the film, many of the characters in the planned blockbuster will be fantastical creatures. As a result it is expected that painstaking computer graphics work will probably delay the release of 'Artemis Fowl' until at least 2015.

'I expect a classy well put together piece of work,' commented Eoin Colfer, who has moved on to writing science fiction, with a second sci-fi novel under way.

'News like this seems to bolster your confidence and make you work harder.'

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