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Enniscorthy is lacking a sewerage plant

THE LACK of an adequate sewage treatment system in Enniscorthy is holding the area back from potential job announcements, Cllr Keith Doyle has warned.

Cllr Doyle said Enniscorthy can't get any new factories unless there is investment in a new water treatment system.

County Manager Tom Enright said there are significant problems with capacity in Enniscorthy which is affecting housing development in the area.

'Industries can come in and put in a package plant where the effluent can be treated and discharged into the existing sewer. It wouldn't hold back commercial or retail development but it certainly would affect household development.'

Cllr Doyle argued that if companies have to factor in the cost of providing their own plants they will go elsewhere.

'The cost is minimal and in any case Irish Water charges will be based on the capacity available and if you can provide your own plant you won't be charged. Having planning permission in place is key,' Mr Enright said.

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