Sunday 17 December 2017

Eating well as you get older

Davina Dowling and Nicola McGrath.
Davina Dowling and Nicola McGrath.
Davina Dowling and Nicola McGrath.

Nutritional therapist Davina Dowling presented a highly engaging and accessible talk to a large audience at Wexford Library recently as part of national Positive Ageing Week.

The aim of the evening was to empower and inform participants to make healthier food choices to optimise their diet and help them to not only live longer, but live longer with better quality health and wellbeing.

Davina spoke about the key nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids and the best food sources and meal choices to find these nutrients. She informed the audience about the importance of quelling inflammation in the body by eating more alkaline and less acidic foods, the latter being the root cause of many chronic health problems.

She showed the audience how easy it is to make realistic and small changes to the diet with new and exciting foods to boost energy, brain power and mood.

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